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If you are currently living in Luton and looking to move home with as little stress as possible, then you are in the right place. Box Boys have helped people across Luton and the surrounding area have the smoothest move possible for a long time and have built a loyal customer-base of satisfied, stress-free customers. People use Box Boys because they know that they can provide you with all the packaging supplies you could possibly need. Some of the products you will find are cardboard boxes for moving, wardrobe boxes for clothing, book boxes, sofa and mattress covers, heavy-duty tape and bubble wrap.

We understand that preparing to move often ends up being a last minute panic because of the pressures of everyday life. For this very reason we have made all of our boxes for moving and packaging supplies available on a NEXT DAY DELIVERY basis between Monday to Friday.

You can call us for a quick on the spot quote on 07702719269 or browse our store for all of our products, from cheap cardboard boxes to bubble wrap and duck tape.

Our customers in Luton are always pleased with the efficient service we offer them and the quality of all of our products.

So whether you are preparing for a move well in advance or have left it to the last minute, give us a call or place your order now and have a stress-free move.

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