We use Interlink couriers to delivery all our packaging and wrapping supplies. This ensures that all ecological impact of delivery is offset. We are committed to safeguarding the environment and giving peace of mind to our customers that their moving requirements are met with the least possible ecological consequences.

The Total Zero Principle

Total Zero is the new carbon neutrality commitment from express parcel company Interlink Express.

Through Total Zero, Interlink Express will ensure that every parcel sent via its network will be carbon neutral – and at no extra cost to the customer.



The Initiative

Interlink deliver by road, as opposed to their  competitors who mainly delivery by air, however, this still generates carbon.

Interlink Express  have implemented a measuring scheme for carbon emissions and are always working to reduce the CO2 they produce. This work is carried out through a series of ‘insetting’ measures. These are initiatives designed to help lower the organisation’s carbon footprint under the roof of a longstanding group wide responsibility strategy which includes a wide range of domestic and international projects and activities.

Interlink Express will offset carbon emissions of approximately 500,000 tonnes each year resulting from transport. Interlink Express will ensure that every parcel sent via its network will be carbon neutral – and at no extra cost to the customer.


Total Zero, Interlink Express’s new carbon neutrality commitment, demonstrates the company’s ongoing efforts to reduce its impact on the planet. Responsibility is a company-wide sustainability and corporate responsibility strategy which is implemented at a group wide, national and local level.

The Responsibility strategy is made up of three pillars:

  • Planet – environmental projects
  • People – projects for the workforce
  • Community – social projects and initiatives, commitment to society

As part of its responsibility to the planet, Interlink Express is actively working to reduce its overall CO2 footprint.

Interlink Express calls this work ‘insetting’; a series of initiatives designed to lower the company’s CO2 footprint.

Read more about Interlink’s commitment to sustainable, ecologically sound delivery practices at their website.

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